About OncToday

About OncToday:

Following the value proposition of UroToday.com, Digital Science Press, Inc. developed and launched OncToday.com in 2016. The goal of OncToday.com is to fulfill an unmet need within the medical oncology treatment community by establishing an up-to-date, accessible, clinical reference platform to reinvent the traditional ways of disseminating oncology condition and treatment information.  This site aggregates oncology disease and treatment reference content that is accessible in the public domain, by tumor type.  The site offers expert lectures called, Clinical Practice InSlides  of recently published clinical data, providing insights into what is known about diseases or treatments, as well as lectures offering details about journal articles and patient cases from their clinical practice experience.  The site offers conference proceedings from major global meetings, a calendar of upcoming conferences and aggregated peer- reviewed published manuscript abstracts by tumor type.  The authors of these manuscripts are invited to share their experiences from the published work in a feature titled, Beyond the Abstract. These content are organized by tumor type.  The site also publishes resource centers called, Clinical Practice Intersections bringing together relevant expert video lectures, the abstracts and recent conference highlights organized around specific tumor types or accessible treatments.  In keeping with supporting the needs of clinical practice OncToday.com offers a Clinical Trials resource by tumor type for only those currently trials open to recruiting patients.  OncToday.com actively seeks site enhancements aligned to our mission from our team of expert advisers and our site users.  


Our mission is to provide free, accurate, timely, evidence-based oncologic content aggregated from all sources in the public domain to support healthcare providers in staying up-to-date by tumor type on the diagnosis, standard of care for treatments and guidelines. All content is freely accessible without encumbrance, for anyone seeking a better understanding what is known about the diseases and treatments for anywhere in the world.  

Leadership Team:

Gina B. Carithers is the founder and CEO of Digital Science Press, Inc., and the digital publications including UroToday.com, the UroToday International Journal and OncToday.com.  ….  UroToday.com was launched in 2003 and consistent with the objectives then, Ms. Carithers has endeavored to drive access to all available sources of content that may improve experimental and clinical research towards improving patient outcomes.  Content from all resources is frequently encumbered and our vision has been to aggregate the abstracts available in the public domain, the guidelines developed by experts in their respective fields and the emerging data from conferences and allow a single reference resource to make the full compendium of content accessible from a website.  OncToday.com launched in 2016 is growing and aims to provide the same value in the fields of medical oncology and the multi-disciplinary teams engaged in this patient care.  All content is written by and for the healthcare provider or the researchers as a reference compendium that is can be used by them or others interested in these bodies of work.  

Before developing UroToday and Digital Science Press, Ms. Carithers worked DuPont Pharmaceuticals for over 21 years where she acquired a diversified experience in product commercialization and marketing.   Over her career she developed a passion for providing quality, state of the art education with the goal to improve access to the data towards improving patient outcomes.  

Joe Palumbo is the President of Digital Science Press, Inc. joined the leadership team of Digital Science Press, Inc. in 2016.  For the past 20 years, Mr. Palumbo's focus has been serving his client's educational needs.  Pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies have trusted his ability to cultivate strong relationships while developing cost-effective, strategic communication solutions. Prior to joining Digital Science Press in his executive role leading business development, Joe spent several years working with publishers, most recently with Elsevier. 

Joe has developed the first print publication at Digital Science Press, EVERYDAY UROLOGY - Oncology Insights, as well as providing the direction for the development of OncToday.  Digital Science Press is growing in both the breath and the depth of the vehicles driving the objective of the company to provide access to content and education. under Mr. Palumbo leadership.  

We welcome your feedback and contributions towards continuing the success of OncToday on behalf of Digital Science Press, Inc.                              

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