Use of 5-fluorouracil loaded micelles and cisplatin in thermosensitive chitosan hydrogel as an efficient therapy against colorectal peritoneal carcinomatosis : Beyond the Abstract

In this work, an in situ gel-based dual drug delivery system was prepared through the combination of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) loaded polymeric micelles and cisplatin (DDP) in biodegradable thermosensitive chitosan (CS) hydrogel and used to investigate its anti-tumor efficacy in colorectal peritoneal carcinomatosis (CRPC).

Firstly, the biodegradable poly-(ε-caprolactone)-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCEC, Mn=3700) tri-block copolymer was synthesized by ring-opening copolymerization of ε-CL and PEG and then used as carrier matrix to prepare 5-FU loaded micelles by solid dispersed method. Secondly, the 5-FU loaded micelles and cisplatin (DDP) were simultaneously incorporated into CS-based thermosensitive hydrogel using CS solution and β-glycerophosphate (β-GP). The CS hydrogel drug system not only shows good anti-tumor efficacy on CRPC, but also has certain inhibitory effect on liver and lung metastasis of CT26 peritoneal carcinomatosis. Therefore, the CS hydrogel drug has great potential for use in the treatment of CRPC. This work also may be a good reference for the development of novel anti-tumor drugs. 

Written by: Qin Yun, SiSong Wang, Shan Xu, JinPing Yang, Juan Fan, LingLin Yang, Yue Chen, ShaoZhi Fu, JingBo Wu